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Which Type Of Boat Is Right For My Needs?

powersports dealershipsOwning a boat is every American's dream. Whether you prefer to spend your time speeding across the water or floating lazily with a fishing rod, the key to successful boat ownership lies in simply finding the right one. You have a lot to choose from; from fishing boats to pontoon boats and all the boats in between, you'll need to do your research before visiting a powersports dealership and sitting down with a boat dealer. Let's take a look at eight of the most popular types of boats available on today's market.

  1. Bowriders: The versatile design offered by bowriders makes them exceptionally popular. They can be used for everything, from simple day-tripping to water skiing! In recent years, they've increased in both size and accommodations, ensuring that your every need is met onboard.
  2. Cruisers: The cruiser class of boats encompasses five different styles -- aft cabin cruisers, convertibles, express cruisers, motor yachts, and pocket cruisers. At its most basic, your cruiser will be able to offer overnight accommodations, a galley, and the range to take you wherever you'd like to go.
  3. Fishing Boats: Approximately 35.8 million Americans participated in the age-old sport of angling in 2016. With that number ever-increasing, a fishing boat is a must! The three most common types are bass boats, multi-species boats, and aluminum fishing boats; the one you choose depends on what you're fishing for.
  4. Runabouts: The term "runabout" is actually a catch-all that includes everything from bowriders to small speed boats. The distinction is that they're small, open boats designed for day use in fair weather.
  5. Sailboats: Most powersports dealerships will only recommend sailboats for experienced boaters. Because there are important skills required to set the sails and steer, you need to do your homework and take some lessons before embarking on a sailboat.
  6. Speed Boats: If thrill is more your game, get ready to rumble on a speed boat of your own. Though you'll end up with a smaller cabin and a loud engine, those sacrifices are made for speed; by getting rid of as much weight as possible, you're able to scream across the water.
  7. Pontoon Boats: For those that just want to relax with friends and family, pontoons boats are standard. They're stable, have an excess of deck space, and allow you to personally customize your experience. Powersports dealerships the nation over love to push pontoons!
  8. Watersports Boats: Waterboarding, water skiing, and wake surfing are best enjoyed behind the transom of a watersports boat. These tow boats are often elevated on an arch or a pole to let you boost wave size and even "shape" wakes for better surfing and boarding. If you choose a watersports boat, you'll have endless fun all summer long.

Only by knowing what you intend to use your boat for can you ensure you end up with the right one. Once you do your research and have committed to an idea, head to your local dealer; with so many powersports dealerships to choose from, you'll be coasting on the water in no time!

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