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Trails, Lakes, and Adventure: Why Upper Michigan is Perfect for Your Snowmobile

arctic cat dealer in michigan

If you're an avid snowmobiler, Michigan might just be the perfect location for your winter adventure. An Arctic Cat dealer in Michigan offers the perfect snowmobile, whether you're a novice or experienced rider. Here are some of the best locations to venture in the upper peninsula of Michigan after you visit your Arctic Cat dealer.


This city is known as the "Snowmobile capital of the midwest," according to These well-kept trails cover over 300 miles of snowmobiling paradise, offering scenic views and beautiful woodlands. With an astounding 10 trails to choose from, it's not known as a top winter getaway for nothing.


With hundreds of trails to choose from, this aptly named city is home to well-groomed trails for countless recreational sports, especially snowmobiling. The beautiful Tahquamenon Falls State Park is only a short ten-mile drive away, making it a diverse, unique landscape for your winter getaway on your Arctic Cat.


This is a beautiful location: the pure snowfall here makes it a popular destination for snowmobilers and vacationers alike. With six regularly groomed trails to explore, you'll have a hard time staying in your hotel. Not only does this city offer a wonderful outdoor experience, the area houses an array of restaurants and shops to explore if you manage to climb off your Arctic Cat for more than a few minutes.

The upper Michigan peninsula also harbors a number of frozen lakes that you can venture onto with your Arctic Cat during Michigan's frigid winter months. As long as the ice is strong, don't be afraid to abandon the well-beaten path for a bit of adventure on your own, as long as you're an experienced snowmobiler.

Snowmobiling contributes a whopping $26 billion annually to the U.S. economy. Your local Arctic Cat dealer in Michigan -- which houses over 3,000 miles of snowmobiling trails -- also helps the national economy through boating sales -- the sale of boats and other marine products have reached an amazing $37 billion in 2017. Check out local used boats for sale in Michigan if you also want to get out onto the water during your lazy summer months.

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