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Pontoon Boats: What Are They And How Are They Different From Other Boats?

pontoon boats

You've seen them all summer but you're not sure what you've been looking at. If you have witnessed a flatter boat with a large lounge area, it's likely you've officially seen one of the most relaxing boats on the water: pontoon boats. 

Pontoon boats: What are they?

What is a pontoon boat you ask? Pontoon boats are a type of recreational boat that relies on structures called 'pontoons' to float. Boat dealers have recently brought them back into the spotlight thanks to advances in the pontoon design and application. In the past, they've been pretty slow, making them great for outdoor excursions like fishing, sunbathing, and even partying. 

Nowadays, pontoon boats for sale are much faster than they used to be. Because of the simplicity of the design, many manufacturers are able to offer a luxury pontoon boating experience with high-end interiors. However, even basic modern pontoon boats are able to make tight turns as well as boats made with fiberglass hulls. These boats for sale usually range from 14 to 30 feet in length. 

But what are pontoons?

A pontoon is a type of floating device used to add buoyancy to a structure. These tubes are airtight and hollow, making them water resistant and virtually unsinkable. Pontoon boats utilize two or more pontoon tubes to float effortlessly on the water, allowing the boat owner to deck out their boat with all the latest toys and gadgets without worrying about how heavy they are. Modern pontoon boats for sale in Michigan are usually made from aluminum welded sheets with peak rigidity to make for a comfortable ride. 

How are they different?

Pontoon boats for sale are different because of two main features: the presence of the pontoons and the large, flat upper deck. They're also increasingly customizable, making them great for watersports, luxury excursions, fishing, and everything in between. Under ideal conditions, a pontoon boat can reach a speed of 31 mph.

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