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How To Tell Whether Or Not A Used Boat Is A Dud

used boat for sale

Buying a used boat for sale is one of the best decisions an amateur mariner can make. While you're already imagining yourself on the open water, however, a bad boat dealer may weasel you out of a couple bucks in your used boat. 

Not all used boats for sale still have their sea legs. When you're looking at a used boat for sale, check for these overlooked components before you buy. 

Does it start right away?

Some boat dealers may start up their boat a few times before you arrive. This warms up the engine and makes it more likely to start up later. 

It's important you ask your dealer to perform a cold start; it should be the first time your boat runs that day. That way, you can see if there are any knocking sounds in the engine or if the boat has trouble starting up. When you start it up for the first time, you should also take a deep breath. A bad smell should be a warning. 

Look for cracks

While there are bound to be small cracks or chips in the paint, deep damage on the hull can be overlooked, especially if it's beneath the boat. Be sure to give it a 360-degree inspection to look for any cracks below the water line. One or two cracks is acceptable, but any large cracks or multiple cracks in one area could spell disaster for your used boat in the near future. 

Check the bellows

The bellow is the sleeve that keeps water out of your boat's transom. At the same time, it allows the joint, shift cable, and exhaust to pass through and keep your boat on the water. These are flexible materials designed to take on a lot of movement. If bellows are old, have been out in the sun too long, or experience harsher weather, they might become dry and brittle/ Ensure that the bellows are free of cracks to get your money's worth. 

You're bound to see countless advertisements for used boats for sale in Michigan. The boating industry is huge -- in fact, it helps support over 650,000 direct and indirect American jobs and almost 35,000 small businesses. 

Unfortunately, some of these sellers might be trying to swindle you. When you want the most bang for your buck, visit Lakeside Motor Sports to test a used boat for sale today. Whether you're looking for pontoon boats or powerboats, we've got them all. 

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