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How to Live on Your Boat for a Week

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Americans are lucky since 95% of U.S. citizens live within an hour's drive of a navigable body of water. If you live in Michigan, you are even more fortunate. Getting out on the lake is always a fantastic respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you like to go fishing, waterskiing, or just need some time away from it all, a boat is a necessity. But what if you need more than a day away? Here are some top tips for converting your boat into a week-long camping cabin.

  1. Buy the Right Boat
    As you visit various boat dealers, you will likely see all sorts of different boats for sale in Michigan. In order to camp on a boat, though, you will need a stable watercraft with room to walk around on. Pontoon boat dealers in Michigan can be a great starting place, but you'll also want to look into some cuddy cabin options.
  2. Waterproofing
    Boats get wet. It's part of life. Still, you will want to stay dry if you're out on the water for a whole week. Look into tarps and covers while you're visiting various boat dealers in Michigan.

  3. Fishing Gear
    Even if you aren't all that into fishing, bring a tackle box and a couple poles with you. This can serve as your food out on the water. Bring a mini-fridge and a stove unless you want to eat sushi all week.

  4. Amenities
    Most boats don't have a built-in bathroom. Unless you find one that does, you'll want to bring sanitary supplies and a way to modestly use the bathroom.

  5. Entertainment
    Books are a great way to stave off boredom. Bring a pencil and paper in case inspiration strikes.

  6. Safety
    Never embark on a boat journey without a first aid kit, flares, and an emergency radio. Also, tell someone you trust what you plan to do and when you plan to return so they know when to go looking.

Boats are both fun and relaxing. When you're out in the middle of a large lake and all you can see to either side is water and sky, the size of it all swallows you whole. It is beautiful, intimidating, and inspiring. Give yourself the vacation you sorely need.

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