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How To Budget For A Pontoon Boat

pontoon boats for sale

A pontoon is a popular, affordable boat for just about anyone who wants to navigate the open water. Even though boating is typically a middle-class sport with 72% of boating households making under $100,000 per year, just about anyone can afford a boat with the proper budgeting.

Here are some costs to consider and budgeting tips for the soon-to-be- boat owner.

Mid-range prices for new pontoon boats

New pontoon boats for sale typically range anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. These prices include a fully accessorized craft with a performance engine. The engine actually makes up a considerable amount of the final price, so keep this in mind when you buy a cheaper boat. Another factor that takes up a lot of the price comes from the name brand. If you can separate yourself from a certain pontoon brand or style, you might find a great deal.

Used pontoon boats

Used pontoon boats for sale won't usually come with all the bells and whistles of a high-end option, but they're still a great buy for a buyer on a budget. In fact, many boaters don't need all the boating accessories that come with high-end options. In many cases, used boat dealers in Michigan have ample stock of accessories, safety features, and more.

Some used pontoon boats for sale even come with the accessories still on them from previous owners! While most used pontoon boats will be water ready, you have to prepare to pay for small fixes down the line. No potential boat owner should make their purchase unless they're prepared to perform the proper maintenance and upkeep.

Keep registration fees in mind

Along with the cost of the boat comes a number of other expenses. Just like buying a car, buying a used pontoon boat or even an Arctic Cat comes with tax fees, registration fees, and title fees. This varies from state to state, but you can get a great idea of the final price by talking to your local arctic cat dealer in Michigan.

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