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Here's How To Fish From Your Boat Like A Pro

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One of life's simple pleasures is a day spent fishing. It's even better when you fish from your boat on the open water. But fishing on land and fishing in freshwater has one or two snags in the line you may not have thought of. 

If you're raring to fish from your boat, read these tips before hitting the water. 

Pack your gear securely

Just like you'd prepare for a fishing excursion on the banks, preparing to fish in deeper waters requires the same bells and whistles. Don't forget your tackle box, fresh bait, your pole, and a first-aid kit. Try to organize a spot to keep each item so you can access them in the event of an emergency. Rickety waves and or a medical emergency necessitates securing your gear with care. 

Boat-specific gear

On the water, you'll need a few extra pieces of equipment. Whenever you venture into the open water, you should have a flotation device at the ready, a whistle that can be heard from shore, and an anchor to prevent your boat from moving around when you find the right spot. Don't forget a rack on which to set your pole. 

Luckily, most Arctic Cat dealers offer the best boats for sale along with all the fishing gear you need. 

Casting the line

Pontoon boats and speed boats react differently to your weight distribution on the open water. Before you set about casting your line, ensure that you're comfortable balancing on your boat. Most pontoon boats for sale enable the captain to move on the deck without any issues. However, a motorboat or speedboat is better for sitting and trolling. 

Where to find the fish

On land, you'll need to utilize a number of skills to identify the best fishing spot. Between the seasons, winds, and depth of the water, you've mastered every facet of casting from the shore. 

It's a little different on a boat. In deeper waters, you'll want to look for changing tides and wind movement. This can cause the water to change in an instant as fish move along with the tide. If you notice a dominant swell in a lake, follow it. The big fish will want to move with the current in order to conserve energy. Which means they're easy pickings for an adept sailor. 

Taking your hobby for fishing onto your new and used boats for sale makes sense. The lakes of Michigan are ripe with fish and navigable bodies of water. In fact, the sale of new powerboats is only expected to increase as sales bumped up by 7% over the course of 2016. If you want to look for used boats for sale in Michigan, don't hesitate to visit Lakeside Motor Sports today.  

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