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Four Things to Look for When Buying a Used Boat

used boat for sale in Michigan

In 2016, boating property damage totaled around $49 million in the United States. Accidents happen, and boats aren't immune to those damages, but it can make buying a used boat a much more difficult feat. Plenty of boats for sale may look great on the outside, but may house a host of problems in areas the seller isn't drawing attention to.

As a buyer, it's vital to ensure the used boat you're eyeing will be a good investment and not a dumping ground for money going towards endless repairs. There's nothing wrong with saving money on a boat purchase by buying used, but it's important to know that you're getting a good deal. The used boat for sale in Michigan that you have your eye on should be used for fun and recreation, not sit idle in your yard all summer. Let's review three items that should be on your checklist when you look at any used boat for sale in Michigan.

Any Cracks

Fiberglass boats naturally develop some cracking, especially if you are looking at a used boat for sale in Michigan. Years of dock landings and accidental bumps and scrapes typically only affect the cosmetic appearance of the boat, but it's possible that extensive cracking below the waterline can lead to some leak problems. It's also possible that cracks are a left-behind sign that the boat has been in a collision. Make sure to ask the seller questions about any collisions, and don't be afraid to speak up with your concerns.

Start the Engine

Engine noises are fairly easy to detect. Any sputtering, rumbling, or otherwise unusual noises that come to life when the engine is started could mean there are some peculiar problems with the engine. These problems may be solved with a tune up or changing the oil or gas, but anything that doesn't sound right probably isn't. When in doubt, question the seller about tune ups, any accidents, or any motor issues in the boat's history.

Look for Signs of Rot or Mildew

Boats are at a disadvantage when it comes to mold and rot. All that time spent in the water makes mold and rot almost inevitable, but with care and maintenance, even a used boat shouldn't show signs of mildew. Check the seats and any cloth fixtures on the boat for signs of mold, and examine any wooden structures for rot.

Call in a Professional

If you're unsure about your used boat purchase, take advantage of a professional's knowledge. A boat appraiser can pinpoint problems with a used boat much more quickly than an amateur, and can also give you insight into whether the cost of the boat is worth your investment. If you can't find an independent appraiser, local marinas should be able to help you out.

Buying a used boat shouldn't be a hassle. By utilizing these steps, even an inexperienced boater can make a successful used boat purchase without worrying about the investment turning into a dud later on down the road.

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