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Finding a Boat? Here's How to Choose the Best Dealer

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Summer is the perfect time to hit the water and let all your cares float away. Looking for a new boat? Here's how to choose the best boat dealer for all your water sporting needs.

Make sure it's certified

Around the two great lakes surrounding Michigan, you're bound to find a slew of boat dealers that want to get you and your family on the water. Only look for certified boat dealers, even if you're looking for used boats for sale in Michigan. Your boat dealer should only offer the best in used boats on the market.

Look for warranties

Whether you're looking for pontoon boats or speedboats, they should come with a warranty. In the event anything goes wrong on the water, you'll be able to take it back to the dealer to get any problems fixed. If you're sold an inadequate used boat for sale, make sure you talk to the provider about any warranties or offers they have to cover a faulty product.

Take customer service into account

Your experience at the boat dealer will determine how they treat their customers for the long run. If you walk in and aren't warmly greeted or assisted when you look at used boat options, you might want to go elsewhere. A good customer service experience will ensure the buyer that they're treated well as long as the company earns their business. Additionally, if you're met with combative responses or lackluster answers when you ask questions, turn tail and run to a different boat dealer.

They have good reviews

Sure, you're bound to find a few poor reviews on the internet; some customers are just impossible to please. But if you find a lot of negative reviews online, you might want to look elsewhere. This goes doubly true if the reviews are new. Reviews that are a couple years old may not express the current business model of the company; changes in management, staff, and ownership can make the boat buying experience change in unexpected ways. Look through the newest reviews to get an up-to-date idea on what buying experience to expect.

Buying a boat is an exciting time, but choosing from the best boat dealers in Michigan can be a challenge. When 95% of Americans live near boating waters, it seems like everyone is trying to benefit from selling boats. Consider these factors when you look for boats for sale near you. 

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