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pontoon boats for sale in michigan

Pontoon boats, by all measures, are pretty awesome. They are multi-purpose lake loving watercrafts that help friends and family spend quality time together. There is always a great selection of pontoon boats for sale in Michigan since boating is so commonplace and pontoons are so popular. But why are they so popular? Let's find out.

  1. Fishing
    There is hardly a better boat for the family-oriented fishing hobbyist. The huge deck and massive casting space can accommodate several people in your family fishing at the same time. Even pro bass boats can't have too many people on the boat at once. Plus, storage space tends to be ample on pontoon boats.
  2. Flat Deck
    This is convenient for kids and adults alike. The flat platform for pontoon boats allows for the highest degree of recreational boating stability. Stable walking space when out on the water is a thing to be treasured.
  3. Comfortable
    Since the platform is flat and there is so much room, you can curl up on the long seats and relax without too much turbulence.
  4. Durable
    Most pontoon boats for sale in Michigan are made from aluminum. This tends to dent instead of fracture (like fiberglass) and can be easily buffed out. Besides, pontoons typically use an outboard motor, making any mechanical maintenance much more accessible.
  5. Customizable
    You can find an old pontoon that still floats for very little money. If you have the skill and patience, you can rebuild the interior of your pontoon from the ground up. New couches, seats, storage, and floor plans are easy on such an adaptable base.
  6. Fast Enough
    The average pontoon boat that has a 115 horsepower outboard can hit 22 miles per hour with 11 people on board. This is fast enough to go out tubing or wakeboarding with a large group of friends.

All of these things are great reasons to buy a pontoon boat, but the best reason is simply that they're flexible. Pontoon boats are the well-designed, socially outgoing, do-all watercraft for most families and single boaters alike.

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