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Choosing a Boat Based on Nearby Waterways and Types of Fishing

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If you're looking for a used boat for sale in Michigan, you'll likely find smaller boats. This is because 95% of boats on the water in the United States are less than 25 feet long. This makes sense because people can put boats of this size onto a trailer and tow them to local bodies of water. As you're looking at boats for sale and considering different options that will suit your needs, make a list of your needs and cross-reference that list against the different types of boats. Here are some examples of fishing boats that are used on different waterways.

  1. Dinghies
    Also known as skiffs or Jon boats, dinghies are typically fairly small and have a hand-steered outboard motor on the back. They aren't very powerful, so rough waters are mostly a no go, but they achieve the perfect trawling speed for Walleye and Musky.
  2. Bass Boat
    The boat for bass pro fishermen everywhere, a bass boat has a shallow V hull, a whopper of an outboard, and flat casting decks in the front and back. These are ideal for two, maybe three people, and work perfectly on any medium-sized lake.
  3. Pontoon Boats
    Many people think of pontoons as a more casual watercraft, but they're more than that. Although pontoons are better suited for calm waters, they offer comfortable seating and a huge casting platform (if you remove the awning).
  4. Canoes
    Kayaks and canoes are also best for calm waters, but they can go where no other boats can. Since they don't have an engine, you can paddle into the weeds and try some topwater, or you can cast some spinners and shoot for a big ol' pike. And honestly, nothing beats hooking into a fighter on a kayak.
  5. Dual Hull
    Instead of one flat or V-shaped hull, these boats have two hulls that ultimately take the shape of a W. This is perfect for deeper large lakes that are known for their chop. They also ride much more comfortable than any single hull boat.

There are so many options when you look for boats for sale that the best thing you can do for yourself is to figure out what you plan on using it for most. Learn what waterways are nearby, know what type of fishing you plan on doing, and make a list of your best options. Then, stop by our marina to see which of our fantastic options is right for you.

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