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Boat Sports 101: Everything You Can Do On Your New Pontoon Boat


Looking for something to do this summer? If you're an avid fan of anything "water," then looking for a pontoon boat for sale near you could be an excellent idea. Not only are these cruising boats great for a day on the lake, but they can offer a range of watersports that the whole family can enjoy.


Fishing is a great sport for the casual or professional angler. Whether you're looking for a day of relaxation and alone time, or you want to get your whole family involved, fishing on one of the new pontoon boats for sale in Michigan will change the way you spend those lazy summer days. Many pontoon boats are even equipped with angling equipment, like rod holders. If your pontoon boat doesn't have the materials you need, there are a slew of accessories available at your local boat dealer; look for a pontoon boat for sale with customizable features and accessories to make your fishing trip even better.


If you have children, this is a great way to introduce them to water sports. Simply hook up an inflatable tube to the back on your pontoon boat and you're off! The sport doesn't require a lot of skill, just a need for speed and the ability to hold on tight. Just be sure to provide safety vests and floaties for the adventurer on the tube. Everyone, regardless of age, can partake in tubing with the right equipment. This is great news since the average pontoon can hold up to 11 people and reach speeds of up to 22 mph.

Water skiing

Water skiing is an advanced, or extreme, sport that relies on a still surface of water that is unaffected by many waves. It's hugely popular on rivers and lakes, perfect for your Michigan summer. Water skiing takes inspiration from regular skiing on snow by utilizing a wider pair of fiberglass composite skis. The skier is then pulled by the back of your pontoon boat and it's up to them to retain their balance and coordination. This advanced sport is great for the adventurous athlete


For the more enthusiastic athletes in your family, consider introducing them to wakeboarding. A blend of water skiing, surfing, and snowboarding, this sport consists of a rider being pulled by a pontoon boat on a wakeboard. It's typified as an extreme sport, so don't expect to be good at it right away, even if you excel at snowboarding or water skiing. Regardless, this is a fun, challenging activity when you buy a boat for sale in Michigan.

There is no end to the activities you can perform on pontoon boats. When you're looking for a boat dealer in Michigan, consider calling Lakeside Motor Sports to get your new pontoon boat for sale today.

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