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All You Need To Know About The 10th Annual Great Lakes Grand Prix

boat dealersEarly August marked an important day for the boating community: the 10th Annual Great Lakes Grand Prix. Each year for the last ten years, racers and fans of powerboat racing alike have gathered at Washington Park, Indiana to watch powerboats duke it out on the water for four days of race-fueled fun.

What is it?

The Annual Great Lakes Grand Prix features 20 teams vying for the top prize. Thousands of spectators each year gather at the beach to watch power boats zip along the lake at around 200 miles per hour. It's a family-friendly event that's supported by nearly 3,000 employees. 

This event isn't just for boating, however. Countless vendors, boat dealers, and car dealers showcase their goods to the public. The event raised around $10.7 million for the community. 

The race

The five-mile race track is located close to the shore of Michigan City for spectators. The first turn occurs at the Michigan City Lighthouse Pier and the second turn is half a mile to the west of Stop 20. 

The results this year

This year's event came to a close after the first weekend of August. Here are the winners for each category. 

  • Superboat Unlimited: Miss Geico
  • Superboat: WHM Motorsports
  • Superboat Vee:
  • Superboat Stock: FJ Propeller
  • Manufacturer #3: The Developer
  • Manufacturer #4: JR Construction/Team Woody

How to ease the pain of missing it this year

Luckily, this annual event occurs each year. If you've been inspired to buy your own boat after the event, however, there are plenty of boat dealers if you're looking for a used boat for sale. Even though the event occurs in Michigan City, Michigan state offers the best in boats for sale and pontoon boats. 

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