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5 Reasons a Pontoon Boat is a Well Rounded Boat Option

boat for sale in michiganWhen looking for a boat for sale in Michigan, you will likely be inundated with options. Before making a purchase, you will need to decide on a type of boat. The type of boat you choose will depend heavily on the purpose you intend to use it for. If you are unsure exactly how you will use it because you have no specific activity in mind, or if you want to do several different specific things and are looking for an all-around watercraft, a pontoon boat might be your best option.

Pontoon Boat for Sale in Michigan

A pontoon boat has the defining feature of using two boat length flotation devices instead of a traditionally shaped hull for buoyancy. This allows for a huge platform and extra stability. Here are some fun facts about pontoon boats that make them a compelling choice for an all-purpose boat.
  1. Speed: Even though pontoon boats have a reputation for being a bit slow, they can reach an average speed of 31 miles per hour with one person on board. While notfast, pontoons are certainly not slow.
  2. Seating: As one of the most spacious boating options, pontoons offer comfy couches, big chairs, and a place to sit for all of your friends.
  3. Size: For boats of a similar length, pontoons almost always take the prize for the most deck space due to the non-tapered hull. This can leave a lot of room for casting, hosting several people on a boating trip, or allow you to camp on your boat overnight.
  4. Customizable: If you do plan to camp on your boat, attach an awning or roof to your pontoon boat. This will shield you from the elements and provide a heightened sense of comfort.
  5. Versatility: So, you have decent speed. Enough, at least, that you can tow a tuber or water skier. You have a big deck, allowing you to host parties or several fishermen. You have custom options, so you can fit a mini fridge or even a pool table if you want. You can do practically anything with your pontoon boat!
If you're looking for an all-arounder in your next boat purchase, a pontoon boat is about as perfect as it gets. Fishing, wakeboarding, cooking, sleeping, partying, or even just relaxing are all excellent activities for pontoon boat owners.
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