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4 Necessary Accessories For The Arctic Cat Owner

arctic cat dealersYou've just purchased your first snowmobile from an arctic cat dealer and you're eager to get onto the trails; you can't wait to let all your cares fade away behind you. For the fledgling Arctic Cat operator, however, there are some necessary accessories to purchase before you get your arctic cat onto the snow.

First-Aid Kit

Any recreational vehicle should have basic first-aid available for the driver. Whether you're purchasing a pontoon boat or a speedy Arctic Cat, you never know when you'll have an accident on a recreational vehicle. To keep yourself and your guest riders safe, purchase a small first-aid kit complete with bandages, rubbing alcohol, and a charged cell phone to dial 911.


Your Arctic Cat is heavy, and unless you plan on storing it in the snow (which is not recommended), you'll need dollies to move your cat around on flat, dry surfaces. Dollies also provide the added bonus of keeping your Cat off the floor. This will prevent excess moisture from accumulating on your snowmobile during the off-season. Boating damage rang up nearly $49 million in 2016 through accidents and other forms of degradation. Using a dolly is the first step to keeping your recreational vehicles safe during warmer months.


There are plenty of places to bring your snowmobile in the winter, but you won't be able to get there without the proper trailer. Snowmobile trailers come in a variety of different sizes and options. Contact your local Arctic Cat dealers in Michigan to get the scoop on purchasing the right sized trailer for your vehicle.

A beacon

Beacons can be the difference in a life or death situation. If you don't have a charged cell phone, or if you're high on a trail where your phone lacks service, a beacon is the only thing that can alert passerby that you're in danger. Replace the batteries annually to ensure your beacon will work when you take your Arctic Cat to the backcountry.

Don't take your snowmobile into the wooded trails without first having these essential pieces of equipment. Contact your local Arctic Cat dealers in Michigan to get more information.

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